#Goals (GR)

The greatest philosopher of our generation, Kanye West, once said, “Reach for the stars so if you fall, you land on the clouds.”

We as co-leaders of this worldwide movement are privileged every day to be inspired by the individuals who surround us. The bravery to set audacious goals, to push through barriers, and strive to be the best version of ourselves.

As we discussed last week (if you haven’t checked out the post – stop what you are doing right now and read it), our over the top goal for 2018 is to #ActifyGR. To spread fitness, be present, and build community for ALL of Grand Rapids. Sharing this vision with the world is an excellent first step, but how do we get there? (Great segue, Matt)

We, as NP_GR have three goals for 2018

  1. Host repeated events in all four corners of GR – allowing us to lower barriers so EVERYONE has accessible, free fitness
  2. Break 100 people at a single workout – giving all of us the opportunity to share why we love this group
  3. Do something dumb/Keep GR Weird – promoting a safe environment to be yourself

Each one of these goals has been selected to get us one step closer to the vision of #ActifyGR. In addition, our unofficial 4th goal is to give back to GR in 2018, so look for that in the future.

BUT, don’t stop reading because you’re not off the hook. We want to know your goals for 2018. To make you think a little outside the box, there are a few parameters. First, all your goals need to be measurable meaning that at the end of the year you can look back and say yes, I accomplished that, or no, I didn’t. Second, we want to know specific goals.

So here’s your homework:

 Find the post in the NP GR Social group (join it if you haven’t), find the GOALS post and add yours.

  1. A personal goal for the year. This can be fitness or otherwise. How do you want to crush it in 2018?
  2. A goal for NP_GR. What can NP_GR do to provide a fitness community for its members? What can it do to be a better citizen of the city? How can you contribute to these goals?
  3. A goal for Grand Rapids. How can you give back and help make our city better?
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