Go Low (Boston 1.23.19)

It’s a great saying, that one about “when they go low, we go high.” It’s evolved and a pretty healthy way to live life.

But today for the Wednesday morning workout, when Mother Nature went low, we just went lower. We went underground low…below the stadium. Because the entire coliseum of stairs is completely covered with the snow and thick ice on top of it, there was no way that we could run on the stairs this morning. However, the beautiful cavern that is underneath the stadium provided plenty of space for a killer workout that nobody will forget for days and weeks to come. We can’t wait to get back to those stairs, just so we won’t again experience lunging until our legs fall off.

We went low!

The workout consisted of long loops running, to get warmed up. Then a challenge to complete the long loop twice in 5 min, doing walking lunges ALL. THE. WAY. DOWN. and running back. Then a long circuit of 100 jumping jacks, side shuffles in a long zig-zag pattern, 20 more walking lunges, and run back. THEN a short sprint circuit for 5 or 6 minutes. And finished up with a partner burnout. At 5:30, the partners both got into a squat hold to start, then one partner did 10 squats up & down while the other kept the squat hold going. When they were done with 10, they immediately got into a squat hold and the second partner did the 10 squats…on repeat until we called time. At 6:30 we threw in another round like that, with plank holds and pushups–partners alternating with 5 pushups and planks until time was called. Needless to say, everyone wished we had “just” run stairs…

And now, everyone will probably have a hard time getting low…to sit on the toilet, put on socks, or getting out of a chair, and we’re not sorry. All the better to prepare ourselves for PR day next Wednesday!

More free fitness is in store! If you read this blog and happen to want some indoor free fitness today and tomorrow only — we have some friends who are opening a new gym (yup, expensive paid fitness) just down the street from the stadium. We’re totally into FREE fitness, so we’re helping them test out the classes for FREE today and tomorrow. Not only are there good fitness opportunities, but there’s an entire recovery room with awesome tools and devices to help aid in physical recovery from your free fitness. If you’re interested, go to the gym website, and sign up for a class on Wed or Thurs. for FREE using the promo code F&F. BE SURE to wear #GrassrootsGear when you go and give all your feedback!

Wednesday 1/30: After our #PRday workout at Harvard stadium, get FREE coffee, bagels, and use of state-of-the-art fitness recovery tools with the tribe, hosted by the not-yet-open-to-the-public fitness facility BKBX, which is just around the corner from the stadium. If you can make a plan to hang for coffee, recovery, and some social time with the tribe, definitely consider coming along for the fun. It’ll be like a quick morning party, post workout! Everyone is welcome.

Every Saturday in February:November Project Boston’s co-leaders (EmSauce & Capozzi) will be hosting workouts on the Esplanade on SATURDAY mornings. MORE FREE FITNESS in Boston, which is a really really really REALLY great way to bring everyone who doesn’t want to get up for 6:30am workouts (yet) to show up to an NP-style workout and feel the vibe for everything it’s worth. Get them engaged (and hooked) and it might be a lot easier to get those family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and strangers alike to show up MWF mornings with the rest of the tribe for the rest of time. These workouts are part of the Frost Fit Winter Series on the Esplanade, and we’re happy to collaborate with the Esplanade Association to make this happen. Here’s the summary:

  • All Saturdays in February. (Feb 2, Feb 9, Feb 16, Feb 23)
  • 10 – 11am
  • Free fitness + so much fun with NP co-leaders Emily Saul & Chris Capozzi
  • Meet in front of the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade.
  • Sign up here (more details listed in the sign-up) And you do NOT need to bring a yoga mat, despite what it says.

Super Bowl Sunday Racing: November Project Boston has been racing on Super Bowl Sunday for a handful of years now, in the Super Sunday 5 mile race, in Cambridge. There is a November Project team, and everyone who signs up from any NP tribe can register to be on the NP team. We love having a gigantic NP team!! Get ready to race on Feb 3, 2019.

Next Monday 1/28: Destination Deck workout will be held right next to Paul Revere Park (Charlestown) and meet up spot will be under the Zakim Bridge. SEE THE MAP HERE. Monday Jan 28. 6:29am

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