#globalrunningday (Ottawa)

Either #yearbookphotos #globalrunningday or hard go getter recruiter might have gotten you out of bed this morning. Or you could have woken up on your own will to join in on an early sweat fest of a party. There is no shortage of a good time when you show up at 6:29am. Besides from having a professional head shot being taken at the crack of dawn, you also got to decide with the help of a partner what exercises to complete on your own. This brings out the best creativity, modelling and leading by example there is. We believe that you have the knowledge, experience and ability to decide on movements that will not only challenge you, but those around you. I think there was some new movements noted in the group today- steamrollers, handless/legless rolls, and there was definitely some crab walking. Did you ever consider doing a backwards burpee before you saw another person completing ten of them this morning? Did you ever think that doing 20 split lunges and then heading right into a run could be so exciting? Probably not in all honesty. But those ideas are shared, and teamwork makes everything work better. Plus, as always, we did a little running.

Showing up to a Wednesday morning is what it takes to truly grasp the movement. We are one city, waking up early on a Wednesday morning to move together, alongside many other cities starting their #globalrunningday off with a bounce, a hug and a high five.

#globalrunningday brings us together to celebrate and encourage everyone to get moving. Anyone can partake and everyone is encouraged. No matter where you are in your running journey- beginning it, taking a break from it, returning from a break from it, you run-walk, you jog, you sprint, you do it early, you do it late, you do it in the winter, you do it in the summer, fall or spring, you do it with a stroller, on your commute, with your backpack, with a hat, with your Knockarounds, on the trails, on the roads, on the treadmill. We celebrate our bodies and what they are capable of doing. This morning was one of those days. However you move, it is celebrated and that this movement brings joy and is FUN.

Thank you for sharing your morning with us, for Jesse Delgrosse for taking beautiful headshots for this morning’s Yearbook Photos (photos to come) and for every one of you who the morning better with their presence. Happy #globalrunningday have a happy Wednesday.


  1. We still have a couple buffs – come see Liz/Lauren, they are $5
  2. Next week is PR day!!
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