Pride Tags & Yearbook Photos & Homework, oh my! (BOS 6.5.19)

We’re going with a Wisconsin Notes style of blog today, because there’s just so much to talk about. Enjoy!


  • Each group (5:30 & 6:30) had a vote to decide whether we would run #Frogman or #Raceman today.
  • Both chose #Frogman.
  • Hmmmmm, we wonder what we’ll run next week?!


  • In preparation for the Boston Pride Parade and weekend festivities wrapping up Pride Week in our city, NP_BOS is doing #grassrootsgear tagging, in rainbow colors.
  • Bring a white or light colored shirt on Friday to be tagged while you run #IndianaJunes
  • Wear with all the pride, and please be intentional about what that fresh NOVEMBER PROJECT with all the colors stands for, and what it communicates out in the world about who you are, who you stand as an ally to support, and the welcoming, inclusive community of NP that you are a part of. This isn’t “just another tag,” it holds a lot of meaning, and we intend to honor that!
  • PLEASE READ THIS BLOG: One of the very best blogs ever written about what it means to not only wear a NP Pride tag–BUT TO ALSO DO MORE than just wear it. It’s written by Hallie, a member of NP_BAL. Please read it.
  • And, thankfully, many of our fellow NP cities have beautifully captured additional thoughts about this topic, and if you want to read some more about it, please read:


  • Yearbook photos are: an album of individual photos we take of everyone at NP_BOS.
  • We post this album on Facebook, YOU go find yourself and TAG YOUR PHOTO.
  • Everyone at NP_BOS looks through that album of faces + NAMES, to better know the names of the amazing humans we workout next to week after week.
  • It’s a tool to help build the social element of NP. This is important.
  • #JustShowUp. Wear whatever you want. Do your hair special, but probably don’t. And smile. Or straight-face the hell out of that yearbook photo. Your call.


  • Read THIS BLOG with all details for the contest.
  • Make sure you have some Knockaround sunglasses
  • Take a ridiculous, amazing, silly, normal, not normal, fun, unique, photo, wearing said sunglasses and probably (it helps) some #GrassrootsGear. THE THEME OF THIS CONTEST IS “RUNAROUND.”
  • Post on IG, tag @knockaround, @novemberproject and you must include #NPKnocks
  • Contest ends Friday June 21st.
  • Winner gets 52 brand new pairs of Knockaround sunglasses. AND a free trip to NP Summit 7.0 in Las Vegas in November, including airfare and hotel for you.
  • Get after it! And read the blog linked above for all the rules. There are rules!!


  • starts on friday June 7.
  • Show up to all 4 Friday workouts in June.
  • Learn to love running the #IndianaJunes workout
  • Earn your Indiana Junes patch. So sick, you can’t even stand it.


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