Give Thanks NOLA

I’ll keep this one short because it is quite simple – today I challenge you to give thanks.

As I told you all at the end of the workout, we sometimes forget how important a meaningful “thank you” can be. Whether it’s genuinely thanking your waiter or waitress for their service or it’s calling your mom or dad to thank them for their unconditional love, giving thanks is something that – when done right – can go a long way. So today, think about who you’ve been meaning to thank recently, and actually tell them how thankful you are. You have no idea how much such genuine gratitude can affect someone’s day.

Thank you to the few people who texted me this morning for brightening my day with their gratitude.

Thank you Doug for your service.

Thank you to Tommy for reminding me about how great Jamba Juice’s Wednesday deals are.

Thank you to Tonia and Jim (but really just Tonia) for leading stretching after workouts.

Thank you to Tori for giving me her Powerade this morning after I mentioned being dizzy.

Thank you to Ms. Aline, our receptionist, for never failing to tell me good morning and asking me how I am doing.

Thank you to Dr. Dave for putting up with all of my nonsense while also saving my running career.

Thank you to my long-distance NP friends; there are too many of you to name, but you know who you are, you know how much you matter, and you probably know I am thankful for you since I likely texted you about it today.

Thank you to my mom and my dad for not being too upset that I’m slowly falling in love with NOLA and am not sticking to the original 2-year game plan.

Thank you to my brother for teaching me patience…

Thank you to Louis for believing in me.

Thank you to Glenn for putting up with my nonsense and still letting me shine.

And lastly, thank YOU for being here. I am so glad you are here.


  • THIS FRIDAY – BYOWG (Bring your own water gun) for the back-to-school water gun/balloon workout.
  • AUGUST 22 – Baby Cakes Game – Tickets HERE
  • SUMMIT Info
  • NovemBERN Contest!!
  • BABYSITTER APPLICATIONS COMING NEXT MONDAY. Have your thoughts prepared because you will only have about a week to complete.


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