Give Thanks and do planks. (ORL)

Coming up with NP workouts can oftentimes be a straightforward task- set up a few strength stations, find a partner or two, run laps to the docks and give out high fives in between… all followed by a fun, but grueling endurance burnout.

But assigning meaning to our weekly workouts is a special endeavor, and sometimes the message is about fun (baseball opening day, talk like a pirate day, national penguin day) and other times it’s about grinding out repeats for time or quantity (PR day, beast ladder, everest).

We’re thankful to have a tribe that welcomes whatever we throw at them, and this week was a bounce to celebrate M-I-C-K-E-Y’s 90th Birthday, followed by “pass the potatoes” relay warmup, a T-H-A-N-K-S circuit that brought back an old favorite (for some of you) in #bojans, and then a #planksgiving trivia burnout to start our holiday weekend off right (Who knew that it originated as Gimbel’s Thanksgiving Day Parade?!).

So enjoy time with your loved ones, tell them that you’re glad they’re here, and take whatever life throws at you this weekend (racing, shopping, napping…) and #makeitbetter.


  • The 2019 NP buffs are coming! Fill out the pre-order google doc here

we expect to receive them sometime at the beginning of next year ($5 each, quantities limited, 3 max, design tbd, eta sometime in 2019, paypal/venmo link enclosed).

  • Look out on the Social page for black Friday race deals and recruit friends or cheergangs!
    • AbVember homework deets here
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