Give a shout for In-N-Out (LAX)


There’s a saying in France that goes, “Everything at least once.” It means that a person should be open to trying new things and diving into whatever they can, at least one time, to become a more well rounded person. See where I’m headed here?

Today, we all tried something new, and, for the most part, something kind of round. The circles around the bowl that we ran were a pattern and a set up that we’d never endeavored to explore before but even geometry can be tiresome so it becomes time to switch it up.


Today the energy and the ferocity was in the air. Something tells me that this whole “winter” thing that everyone talks about for a few months every year has come and gone and we’re all about to start sweating our bits of, which is great, because it means sweaty hugs.


And how about those newbies eh?! Bringing the fire on day 1 and even stepping up for the creepiest initiation ever, a murder whisper for your birthday. Sensational.

It’s a new season, a new era for this tribe and I think we’re all learning new ways of pushing ourselves to be the best people we can be both physically and mentally. NP is a workout at it’s core, it’s ultimately what we all came to do, but it’s days like today that remind us of community and the power of bringing your own personal energy to a situation. The book came out this week and it’s a sign that NP is going to be something new very soon too and we should all be proud of what we’ve put in so far. This is a new era, an ever changing tribe and a great time to be alive.


Do great you amazing weirdos.


Friday – 6:27 am at the Batcave aka the Bronson Cave. Meeting location in the tracker. Plenty of parking!

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