Gearing up (BOS)

This morning felt like we were gearing up for fall. The temperatures were a little lower than we’ve felt in a few months and we needed those old things we had gratefully forgotten about … layers. I started out my run to the #destinationdeck and was really happy I had thrown on my long sleeve shirt at the last second before leaving my house. Of course I took it off along the way, but once I got to the workout location at Northeastern, I was all, “it’s chilly…I need my layer.”

And even though most of us shake our heads and cry a little when this starts to happen, it is inevitable. Summer happens. And then fall comes along and we gear up for cooler temperatures, later sunrises, and then even colder, darker days to come. So we’ll appreciate the sunshine and how it warms us. We’ll appreciate how our bodies warm up when we get them moving. And we’ll be grateful that we have a good (really good!) reason to get up and out, even in the non summer days, for some incredible free, social fitness that brightens our days and lives, all year long.

So let’s gear up with our GEAR! It’s the last Wed of the month this week, and that means we’ll be tagging GRASSROOTS GEAR. So bring your end of summer tanks…and bring your fresh long sleeve shirts TOO, so that in the coming weeks when you need to layer up and you also want to represent NP on your runs to the Monday workout, and in the stadium, and up and down the hills on Fridays, you’ve got good, crisp, NP gear to wear. Just bring any shirts, top layers, jackets, etc. and leave them with the #paintcrew on Wednesday, before your workout. Then pick them up with new paint on them after your workout.

And let’s also gear up with our workouts. This is a great time of year to build some consistency with workouts so that when it’s colder and darker, the routine is already established. We know there are lots of other things to do and the school year is starting and … and… and… there will always be those things. But consider putting in the extra effort RIGHT NOW when it’s not brutal winter, and when your friends will actually considering going with you, and GEAR UP your mind and routine to make these free, fun workouts an absolutely part of your regular week. If you can’t make it to all 3 days, pick one or two and make them your regular thing. Plan for it, tell people about it, make #verbals, and lay out your clothes the night before…it could be really really good for you.

So, ready, set? Gear up, friends. Get ready for Wednesday, for the fall, and for everything beyond too! See you at the Stadium.

Next Monday:

workout will be at Pleasure Bay beach: Sept 2, at 6:29am. MAP HERE.

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