Frogust Week 2 (BOS)

The madness continued today with week 2 of Frogust. We all had that first week under our belt to be able to know what we did last time–and hopefully to help us set our goal number of sections for this week. The weather was perfect. All kinds of people were stepping up to challenges set for themselves that were both big and scary (that’s a good thing, in this instance), and also attainable–if we are willing to believe it’s possible! That’s the whole point of Frogust, which we’ll keep reminding you all month. We’ve got two more weeks to crush stairs like tadpoles, pollywogs, frogpeople, and bullfrogs. Let’s get after it and see what we can do!

updates from MOM

Capozzi and I spent Wed-Sun this past week with 110 other coleaders from around the world, representing all 51 cities with November Project communities. And let me tell you, the love for NP, the passion for building communities through free fitness is just as strong as it’s ever been, and I actually believe that the support offered to us, the structure we are establishing, and the cohesiveness between cities is stronger than it’s ever been and continuing to grow. We had so much fun and we learned a lot. We had big, amazing, deep, and even some difficult discussions as a whole group, and there was a ton of sharing, openness, and vulnerability that helps us all to be better as human beings and as coleaders for November Project. And ultimately, November Project is getting better at building a really intentional culture and community focused on being inclusive, welcoming of the entire diverse range of humans, through social fitness.

As someone who’s been around NP for a long while now, it’s really powerful to see how an organization like NP that started just as an idea for friends to keep each other accountable, has grown, and evolved, and transformed into something so purpose driven and that does include the original elements, but is willing to become something different in order to become something better for more people.

We spent a whole day at the Brooks Running HQ in Seattle, and we learned a lot about the company and it’s vision, mission, and values–how #RunHappy isn’t just a hashtag, it’s literally their vision for helping to make running something that can change a day, a life, and the world–for ALL. We also learned a lot more about their shoes and all the incredible technology that goes into making really really good shoes, as well as all the research that goes into really understanding who the humans are who run, who need shoes, and what drives & motivates them, how their running impacts their lives, and how better Brooks shoes can best support everyone in getting what they need from running. You know, so they can #RunHappy.

And our learning will continue, long beyond the few days together at the Meeting of the Minds. We’re all committed to that, and if anyone has questions about what we did or anything else going forward, please reach out to Capozzi and me (Emily) to get those answers. We’re both so incredibly honored and excited to lead this NP city.

big thanks

to Joev Dubach, Rene Orvut, Chris Payne, and Steve Christensen for leading and being total bosses at the Friday and Monday workouts, respectively. We couldn’t do this without you guys–so while we were out of town, we didn’t have to wonder or worry, we just knew you had shit covered. THANK YOU!!

monday workout

next monday, Aug 19, will be in front of the Booth Theatre on Comm Ave, BU’s campus. Definitely show up there for the 6:29 workout. Come for the workout or for the friends–and be sure to get the other too. #JustShowUp.

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