A recap from a weekend of learning (Ottawa)

Meeting of the Minds or commonly known as M.O.M. took place in Seattle, Washington just last week. From Wednesday to Saturday eve 110 leaders from across the 51 November Project communities were brought together. 

I have hummed and haahed about how to wrap up this experience for all to understand as clearly as possible, so here goes. This is my fourth attempt…

When you gather a group of outgoing, chaotically organized and kind humans good times are bound to occur. Much like our Wednesday mornings. 

So I have wrapped it up by days somewhat/to the best of my ability. 

Thursday morning was kicked off by Des Linden Olympian and 2018 Boston marathon winner joining us on a fun run. We had a Q & A in the middle of our run where Des shared her motto for helping her get out the door, helping her keeping putting one foot in from of the other which is; keep showing up. I am not making this up! The rest of the day we spent learning about the values, history and future of Brooks. We visited and met various department leads within the head office and were introduced to Jim Weber, CEO.  Jim shared his history with November Project Seattle and how this partnership/new family member with November Project has come to be. 

Now if you find yourself in Seattle on a Friday morning, well you might as well show up for November Project. I kid you not, the location is almost as nice as Ottawa. 

November Project Seattle hosted a hot like lava workout at Gasworks Park.  I almost forgot to mention that I met Pierre from Ottawa at the workout. Did you meet him this morning? 

Before attending MoM we had been given some reading assignments and surveys to get us thinking about topics like inclusivity and diversity.  With help from two facilitators and November Project members Soumya and DA helped us weave through discussions surrounding our social identities and privilege. We talked about sexual harassment, and, in case it hasn’t been said, there is a zero tolerance for it.  We listened to some aw-inspiring stories that co-leaders shared. 

On our final day, we spent our morning learning about how to use less spray paint and create the most beautiful, clear #grassrootsgear you ever did lay your eyes on. We talked recruiting, Positivity Award and form yes form #movingplank. 

I believe what I took away from this years Meeting of the Minds was that November Project is not for everyone. However, it is here and it’s intention is to be an inclusive place where anyone can use fitness as a vehicle to create community while having FUN. 

P.S. other cities are jealous of our #snowdaybadge  

Here’s to bringing soles together, 

Lauren and Liz


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