Friggin’ Firedrills…I mean, Fuck Yeah!

We did it again Boston.  Another Wednesday.  Another beautiful spring morning filled with sunshine, sweaty hugs, and brutal stadium seats that we climbed.  We crushed those stairs.  We ate the #stairsforbreakfast.  And another day of Firedrills.

Once upon a time, our friends and founders of November Project had run many many many many tours of the stadium and just to keep things interesting (and to see how much power and influence they had actually gained) they started banging on a cowbell to call a FIREDRILL.  A firedrill is simply a way to spice up a workout, particularly in the stadium, to challenge even the fastest racers to get out of their heads a little bit, to take their eyes off the stairs a little bit, and to deal with the wild feels that happen when you go from sprinting up massive stairs to dropping for 10 pushups or squatting dat ass down for, what?? more quad work!  Yeah, it’s not exactly easy, especially when Capozzi has the friggin’ cowbell (that kid needs to be 1% less excited, am I right?!).

Everyone I know left the stadium excited about how many sections they ran today, how many squats and pushups they managed to do, how sore they were (still) from Monday’s destination deck, how happy their newly recruited friends were, how good the sunshine felt on our increasingly bare skin, or how good the hugs were.  There was a whole lot to be excited about.  We’re riding that wave all the way through today and on to Friday.  The blog is short to accommodate more time for crushing Wednesday with positivity and the NP Stadium high that many of us are on right now.


  • Mother Nature nailed the sunrise today.
  • It’s officially light for the START of the 5:30 group.
  • When you scream “FUCK YEAH” after doing a firedrill of pushups or squats, it’s fucking awesome.
  • The cowbell has been named the national instrument of November Project United States.*
  • We are statistically more likely to call more Firedrills when we alternate two exercises.  Way more firedrills.
  • We are also statistically more likely to confuse everyone.  Wtf is going on here?


  • We had visitors from NP_LAX in the house.  They’ve confirmed that Boston is way harder (read: cooler, badder-ass, and more fun) than the Hollywood Bowl.  Yup, #Mothership


  • Positivity means just saying “fuck yeah” to firedrills.
  • Birthday people threw clothes they had stripped off into the air for some screams and birthday Booms.


  • Next Wed is PR day and #GrassrootsGear tagging.  #JustShowUp for racing, bring your gear for tagging, and holler if you want to help out on #PaintCrew.
  • The Tribe is very, very strong.


*NP Tribe Trivia: The national instrument of November Project Canada + NP tribes located in Canada who sit in the shadow of November Project Canada is an ice xylophone.  NP Iceland’s national instrument is a small child strapped to the back of their fearless leader Rakel.  And NP Serbia uses their hands to form whistles because they’re scrappy and don’t need any instruments to make musical sounds.)

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