Four Seasons in Third-Summer San Diego

Spring has sprung, on this 21st of the month, but the seasons don’t really change here.
At NPSD, we’ve begun our summer #3, with a season-themed sweat sesh sans beer.
We welcomed some newbies,
We schwung Sean into his forties,
And we couldn’t be more glad that you’re here.

November Project San Diego

Here’s what’s springing up next week:

  • SUNDAY, 3/25 – come to our first monthly NPSD Social! We’re having a Waffle Off at 10 AM. Bring your best waffle batter, and get ready for a Tasty Battle Royal. If you get FOMO and don’t hear about this stuff, join the NPSD Social Hour Facebook group! All the fun things are there.
  • MONDAY, 3/26 – we’re at the Waterfront Park Playground to wrap up our month of PARKS PARKS PARKS! 6:29 AM. Bring your friends. It’s gonna get wild! VERBAL HERE.
  • REMINDER – use the tracker, please! Not only is it your verbal, your waiver, and your way of finding out where the workouts are, it’s a way to track your workouts on a regular basis, like 5ks and PR day to track your progress!


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