Journey To The Mothership

Last night the forecast called for 5-8 inches of snow in Boston. The test of weatherproof at its finest! I was nervous and excited to finally experience my first NP workout in Boston, running the infamous stairs at Havard Stadium. My alarm went off at 5am this morning. Realizing I did not have to mentally prepare to lead the workout, I hit the snooze button.

At 5:55am I was out the door and running through Harvard’s campus to get to the workout about 2 miles away. No snowfall yet but still ice cold outside. It was awesome to see all the historic buildings and run over the bridge that crosses the Charles River. It reminded me of when I first learned about NP and watching the video of BG and Bojan making their way to the workout.

I arrive and see the stadium’s bright lights and music blasting some ATL rap music! On the field is the football team practicing. Then I look up to see the 5:30am NP group going hard up and down the stairs. As I’m walking up I see tribe leader Emily Saul and we give each other a big bear hug. I’m hype and ready to go!

What's up ATL!

Posted by Christian Lopez on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

We do the bounce, a good morning, a fuck yea, and more hugs. I then go to the newbie meeting with a smile on my face and listen to Emily tell us to take it slow our first time around. “And if your legs start shaking, don’t stop, just keep moving!”

Bouncing with Boston!

Posted by Christian Lopez on Wednesday, March 21, 2018

In my mind I figured I would be fine. Cocky thinking I’ve run marathons and stadiums in Atlanta all the time. After about 7 sections I was humbled and said holy shit these steps are steep. Emily and Chris don’t let me stop and tell me to keep moving. Damnit, I can’t make ATL look bad! My legs feel like jello but luckily my friend from middle school, Micah Risk, is there to encourage and pace me!

When time is called my legs are shot. Just days before I had run the Shamrock Half Marathon with Jeanie Tinnelly and Kelly Roberts at a steady 8-minute pace. That race kicked my ass, these stadiums kicked my ass even more.  Still the pain could not compare to the feelings of community and love on both occasions. When you think your body can’t take anymore, a tribe member is there to help push you through it.

Over the past week I’m so grateful for the sense of awe and experiences I had visiting the tribes of Virginia Beach and Boston. Every tribe is unique, yet we all share these common threads that bond us together. As a leader it’s important to remind ourselves of those feelings and visiting other tribes helps reignite that fire.

Hard to believe that tomorrow will officially be a year since “Fitlanta” first started pledging to become November Project. It’s been an incredible blur filled with so many wonderful experiences and people. NP came into my life at a time when I needed it most, as I’m sure is the case for so many others. To outsiders we might seem like a cult. Who cares! Let’s continue to be that cult that is always there for each other, that is silly and fierce, that is warm and welcoming, that starts their good morning with a fuck yea and a hug….“This shit is good!”



C0-Leader of NP_ATL, AKA “Fitlanta,” AKA 404 the 44th!

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