Foggy on the lake (CHI)

This morning was a smouldering foggy, humid mess. Those that ran in to the workout already had a fine layer of moisture covering them. Nevertheless are Chicago strong made it to our stomping grounds through way of bike, running, walking, car, Uber, and other (you know who you are)

It was a new workout for everyone, and it ended up being a tough one. This whole day was about cheering & supporting everyone on while grinding out a tough workout. Lots of running, lots of upper body. There wasn’t any part of the workout that didn’t have someone yelling, which is pretty spectacular. A lot of positive energy and vibes floating around the tribe is always a good way to start the day.

Daniel Meer. This man always brings it. Runs hard, does every aspect of the workout as hard as he can. Then races off to work. Probably one of the finest physical specimens Chicago has to offer. He put on a clinic today and was awarded with the first Hip Hop Award (cause he didn’t stop) in the form of a golden necklace circa Brent and mine B-Boy days from the early 90’s.

The Positivity Award was earned today by Dave Jean-Baptist. I’ve been calling him DJB but I’m not sure it’s going to stick. Being relatively new addition to our Chicago tribe Dave has brought his million dollar smile and strong work ethic with him to every workout (seriously, this guy has the PERFECT grill).


Looking forward to seeing more new faces every week!11167687_1643544405879218_2190316767622096391_n

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