Seriously YEG?

I am proud to announce that Andrew Ference, who doesn’t speak softly and still carries a big hockey stick, has completed his Leader Pledge. After not seeing him for 8 months, he returned to the tribe expecting to take over everything. We take our work seriously, and we needed him to prove to us that he is worthy of leading the best people this city has to offer. We put him through a series of challenges throughout April. Here’s how he did.

Choose a Monday location – Connors Road was chosen the day before the draft lottery. We’re not saying he had something to do with it, but….

Run a half marathon – He did not complete this task. Is he badass enough? Can he even run for longer than 30 minutes? We’re still not sure.

Make a cool video – This is OK.

Write an epic blog – Monday’s blog worked

Make Jen disappear for a weekend – Seriously, where was she this past weekend?

High Five like you mean it – Pay no attention to age, size of hand, or strength of others.

Create a NP Pop-Up Workout with over 50 people – Last Wednesday, he led a group in Whistler, BC.

Gather sand from 3 countries – Andrew is currently on the other side of the world collecting this sand for our sand collection.

#JustShowUp – Still working on this one. The previous task is making this tough. I wonder when he’ll come back.

Well, the tribe voted, and unanimously chose to accept you back as their leader. Jen almost used her veto, but I managed to talk her out of it. The tribe has spoken. (I’ve waited almost 2 years to say that.)


As for today, how bout those puddles? We had the -30 badges ready to go this morning. Dodged a bullet there! For every single weatherproof person who looked out the window this morning and still came to the workout, you made us smile this morning. Especially Jen, she never smiles. Today will go down in November Project history. You were part of history this morning.

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