Foggy #APRHILLS + Know Your Tribe (Kira Roxie Butler)

So it seems that a little friendly competition brings out the best in people or at least some excellent energy.  Thankfully no one ran off the side of the mountain this morning as we were dealing with a case of Karl the Fog’s cousin.  But anyways, today we started our #APRHILL challenge and split each of the groups (5:30 and 6:30) into Team Kait and Team Mess.  IT.WAS.AWESOME.  Especially when we got into the thematic music and well, blue was just rocking it.

For the remainder of the month on both Wednesdays and Fridays, we will be running hills and earning points for each respective team.  If you bring friends, family, reporters, or new folks (also known as recruiting), those individuals (or furry friends…) will be on your team!  At the the end of the month, we’ll tally up the points and figure out some funishment (apparently this was decided last Friday?) for Kait or Mess to partake in.

Notice I mentioned reporters there?  Yep, even Los Angeles Times is in on the thematic #APRHILLS and so everyone should reach out, tweet, email, comment, etc. at Steve and recruit him to check out one of our many lovely hill workouts.  TWENTY POINTS for the individual who gets him to #justshowup.

Spark notes #recruiteveryone for hills.


Onto more fun stuff, let’s get to know a rockstar of a member, Kira Roxie Butler.  I have gotten to talk with Kira a bit over the last few months and am ever so bummed I was traverbaling when she led her guest bounce.  I hear it was epic.  Without further ado, here’s Kira:

  • First workout:  January 2017
  • Angeleno or transplant: I moved to LA about two years ago. Originally from Cincinnati, Ohio but have also lived in Orlando FL, Nashville TN, Sydney Australia, and traveled quite a bit!
  • Favorite workout: I love anything interactive and a bit silly – anything incorporating rock, paper scissors, Hotline Bling, Couple’s Retreat, etc.
  • Why do you keep showing up?: Because of all of you. It’s hard to make connections in a society where everybody is busy and doing their own thing. NP is a place where you get to see the same awesome faces routinely. When somebody says “hey how about we go to a movie?” or “hey how about we start a book club?” or “I’m feeling kind of crappy, will somebody keep me company?” people always answer with an enthusiastic “yes, me!” Oh, and the fitness is rad, too.
  • Superpower: Flight, without question. I’d fly around to visit everywhere and everybody. Plus, I love heights, so I’d just be up there enjoying the view! In real life, I actually do have a super power, though: parking karma. I can always find an absurdly good parking spot!
  • Occupation: Travel guru. I have guided tours around the world and trained other guides to do the same.
  • Any nicknames:  “Roxie” is not actually my middle name! It’s a nickname I have from working at a summer camp. Many people in my life only know me as Roxie.
  • Proudest moment: I once guided a 21-day whitewater canoe trip. Yes, 21 days in the wilderness, with a co-leader, five 13-year-old girls, three canoes, and all our food and gear for 21 days on the river. I’d do it again tomorrow! Also NP-related: leading a bounce. Seriously you guys, that was so awesome.”


Friday 4/6: 6am at Duane Street (Tracker HERE)

GOALS: Feel free to update your goals/last week’s PR Day HERE.

Battle of the Babysitters – Announcement coming soon with our fabulous Babysitter lineup!

Finish the Ride/Run – There’s still time to sign up for a variety of running/cycling options and if you’re in the mood to just cheer and hang out, that’s perfect as well!  What’s a better way to spend a Sunday than in the sun with some friends?

FUN FACT:  Do you know why the film industry ended up in Los Angeles?  Well, Thomas Edison – who lived in New Jersey – held most of the country’s film patents so filmmakers moved west to avoid Edison’s intellectual property claims.

Do Good LA.

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