Everest for Breakfast

Wisconsin Notes:

-we climbed Everest

-Friday’s start on Friday

-FunRun/ social/ awards/ brews Saturday night

-Ashlyn won Shabooya

Surviving this winter (and spring, or winter Part 2 as I like to call it) in Winnipeg is like climbing Everest. It is physically and mentally exhausting, you think you’re nearing the end but it just keeps going, you’re at risk for frostbite and loosing limbs.  But also like climbing Everest, there are some beautiful moments along the way and you’re exponentially more likely to make it to the top if you’re part of a team. So thank you to this team for showing up for the long, arduous climb. I’d like to tell you that we’re nearing the top, but I’m suffering from oxygen deprivation and snow blindness, so what do I know?! The blind leading the blind.

This morning we returned to the equally loved and hated Lunge to St B, then we jogged over to the Port Stairs and we threw down the gauntlet and challenged you to run your hearts out on the stairs and cover the elevation of Everest, and you crushed it. Everest is 8,848m and we climbed 9,860m, way to get your climb on tribe.  Sir Edmund Hillary is our spirit animal (and a stone cold fox, am I right?!)

Kaitlin handed the Shabooya off to Ashlyn today.  Ashlyn has been coming consistently for awhile now, her and Braden are always pushing through the workouts together and absolutely crushing it.  She is fit, she is fast, she is friendly and #shemovesmountains.  Ashlyn, we’re glad that you are here.

We wanted to organize a gathering to celebrate all of you die hards who stuck it out with us all winter long! Thank you for making this crazy thing we all do so awesome! I’m ironing out the exact details with Amory tonight, and I’ll make a facebook invite with all the exact deets, but the general outline is as follows:

-Saturday, April 7th

-Meet at Myers Deli (1842 Grant Avenue) 8pm
– Leave for run 8:15
-Run 5ish km with stops (approx. time 45min- 1 hr)
-Back 9-9:15
-Awards 9:15- 10:30/ 11ish
-After Party at Fionn’s (1180 Grant Avenue)

Dress for the weather, and wear grassroots gear.  Pack a wee cheeky drink (or perhaps a brew, perhaps a flask, perhaps a pop- whatever floats your boat), pack extra to share if you are so inclined and feeling generous.  Any and all welcome.  Please note, the space at Myers is small, so prepare to be cozy, but what’s a tight squeeze between friends?! I’ll post the event on the NP YWG tonight, please click attending if your planning to come, so we have a rough estimate of our numbers.  Can’t wait to see all your smiling faces!

MEC Race #1 was last weekend and I’ve heard that it was hella cold, but y’all still showed up in full force! Marina crushed a 2nd place finish in the 10k, Janet threw down her fastest 5k in years, Nate brought cookies and Mark breathed really loudly and stomped really hard the whole 10k and still managed to rock a fast race! Congrats to all the racers and cheerers, I’m sorry I missed it, I’ll see you at the next one!

Fridays start on Friday. I’ll see you at 6:14am at the Legislative y’all! NP twice a week, let’s go!

Megan Cora of the House Hunter, First of her Name, Queen Of Everest, Kahleesi Of #stairsforbreakfast, Breaker Of Ankles and Mother of Beer Runs

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