Flannel Friday with a side of Flapjacks

A special thanks goes out to Katrina for volunteering to lead the first ever Flannel Friday (trademark pending) workout, and for making pancakes to cure the post-workout munchies!
Take it away Katrina:

The Denver tribe was small but mighty today!  We were three, but we ran extra hard to make up for the people who didn’t show (I know you aren’t ALL still out of town!)…well, maybe we did that.  It was a dark Colorado morning, but the view of the majestic Front Range kept us going, as well as the ever so slowly lightening sky.

Name an exercise and we did it this morning.  We welcomed our newest member and first-timer, Andrea, by running figure eights followed by butt kicks up the stairs, push-ups, bicycle crunches, leg throwdowns and burpees, then more figure eights finished with some high knees and another lap around the fountains….phew.  The pictures may be a little dark, but I promise there was some hardcore crunching happening.  The sun was finally beginning to rise when we ended with some downward dogs and stretches for good measure, which might be the start of a beautiful new tradition.

#FlannelFriday was a success, even though Christina didn’t break out her flannel hat…she promised to next time and we’re going to hold her to that.  Our workout was followed up with some lumberjack pancakes in honor of the Flannel Tribe!  A great new tradition as well, we all agreed.  Y’all who didn’t show up missed out on cinnamon-pecan pancakes…I’m just sayin’.  I can’t name you all here since it was almost everybody, but you know who you are!!!

See you ALL next week/year!  You better be there if you want to avoid #FOMO and bring in the new year on the right foot…literally.

Yours in flannel,
Katrina @ 5280

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