First Things First


There’s a first time for everything (that’s what she said) but in all seriousness, last Wednesday was a day of many firsts in Kelooowwwwna…The 1st of October. the first legit Bounce. the first #GrassRootsGear tag spray painted. the first look at the official NP Kelowna Tribe.

Kelowna is pumped. stoked. jacked up. NP gets the people GOING. Everyone hustled and hugged their way through the first workout as a tribe; all 68 of them were in it to win it. or maybe they were just showing off because our favourite and the best of the best local photographer Darren Hull was there to capture the moment. either way, everyone crushed it.

and now, the first of many more blog posts to come..

Fast forward to this morning.


63 of us.


npkelownablcak and white

The stretchy pant clad community lovers and a few early-morning-non-lovers from lululemon athletica Bernard paired up with our Kelowna Tribe in honor of OM Canada – what a way to celebrate being Canadian than from one of the most influential companies that started right here in BC.

In true Canadian form, there was plaid, there were boots, high grey socks with the red stripes, and of course – toques Eh?  We had a Lumberjack Circuit for breakfast complete with Rocky Mountain Climbers and Beaver Crawls.

The best part? The End. The lulu crew brought us coffee and apples as reward.

Speaking of awards… we have yet to hand out the coveted Positivity Award. Saving this for a special time that will be juuust right. Like Goldilocks. not too hot, not too cold, just right. We’re close though. It’s coming, in due time.


continue to spread the word. we just getting started. #worldtakeover #Iron26. Kelowna, we love you. and hugs. and community. and fuck yeahs. so #justshowup











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