Wednesday’s blog (YEG)

Blog post courtesy of the tribe’s newest co-leader, the one, the only Tyler 🙂

Today is Wednesday and on Wednesday’s we run stairs. There were push-ups, plank jacks and burpees thrown in there too. More importantly than all of that, there were high fives, hugs, good mornings and fuck yeahs. I think we finally had all the stragglers back from summit trips and there were more than a couple newbies, one of whom may just have felt sorry for Jen.
For me, I have a perfectly placed bruise from hockey that if I leaned on my leg to try to make it up the last couple steps actually made it more painful than just pushing through to the top. Who knew that blocking a shot would help me in the end? I know this isn’t true about all small physical pain or injuries but it can actually make a person stronger. I guess that cliche saying actually can be true.

Tonight there is a really cool “race” that Run Collective is hosting at the Whyte Ave location at 6:15, it involves some poutine, hockey sticks, plaid and maybe a bit of running. These are all things that I endorse, so check it out and eat all the poutine for me as I’ll be on night shift.

We’ll see you all Friday morning, Walterdale Hill at 6:00 AM, great job everyone that just showed up this morning and pushed themselves.

(Insert cool signature saying, I’ll brainstorm for my next blog post),

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