#fillthestairs (VB)

The year is 1999, a young John “freckles” DeBoer (not yet known as Red) strolls steady and confident into his school gym. He instantly feels the gaze of his fellow classmates descend upon him, as he cross the court but unfazed his focus stays keen on the challenge set before him. He takes a seat on the bench and slowly scans the gym and on the far wall he see a poster of a giant thermometer colored all the way to the top in red marker and is instantly overcome with a since of accomplishment as he laces up his sneakers. He rises to his feet takes one last kiss on the check from his mom then unravels his jump rope and enters the field of battle.

The above story features a young John DeBoer but it could be about anyone of us who participated in the battle royal known as Jump Rope for Heart during out time in grade school and I don’t if John has every actually participated in Jump rope For Heart but I know he really wishes he did now.

But that’s enough about John, the unsung hero of this story is that giant thermometer on the wall which you have undoubtedly seen featured as a part of numerous fundraising events and other great causes, most often tied to some sort of monetary value and who doesn’t love money, right??, but here at #NP_VB we care more about people that money and thus we are excited to roll out the Fill The Stairs Project for 2016 and beyond.


Here’s how it works:

We are blessed with a rather large set of stairs at our home base of Mt. Trashmore and the goal is to fill them ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP with the loveliest, most active, and best huggers that VB and the rest of Hampton Roads has to offer and the Fill The Stairs Project will serve as a visual reinforcement of our progress as we move to accomplish this goal and we’re not talking just one person per stair we are talking packed all the way to the top.





Much like when your grade level crushed their goal at Jump Rope For Heart you got to throw water balloons at the principle…wait scratch that, completely ignore that last sentence….there will be incentives every time we hit a new benchmark that will be executed by me and a now slightly older “Freckles” DeBoer. Whether it is tandem pushups at 40 after a workout, having John do 50 stairs with me on his back, and so on but the choice is up to the tribe so drop your suggestions in the social page and we will hammer out a goal schedule but best of all we will all pile into the stairs for a group photo every time we hit a new all-time high for attendance to record our progress until we fill it all the way to the top.

20 – We create a Tribe Movie Night to go see Finding Dori #justkeepswimmingverbal
30 – We host a Friday pop-up in a new location voted by the tribe #destinationverbal
40 – We will have a one time ONLY where we Tag #Grassrootsgear in White Paint (#PRDay)
50 – We get a local New Channel to do a story on us. #newsverbal
60 – Everyone throws water balloons while Red carries Kris on his back, all the way up the stairs. #ballonverbal
70 – We host a weekend Ragnar Style relay race around Virginia Beach followed by camping in First Landing #relayverbal
80 – We get BG & Bojan to come to VB #dadverbal
90 – The tribe votes for their favorite Co-Leader from another November Project City to come to VB and Co-Lead along side Red & Kris. #coleadtraverbal
100 – We implement two workouts a week. Every Monday & Wednesday 615AM. Free Forever #twoaweeksverbal

So get out there and recruit EVERYONE, whether is it your best friend, that guy at work that is always in gyms shorts, or maybe even John’s mom will come to give him another kiss on the check before the workout but everyone is welcome and highly encourage to participate because in the words of DG,

“This. Shit. Is. Good.”

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