Feels like the first time (YEG)

On Wednesday, Jen talked about how when we started building this community back in 2013, it was centered around the Royal Glenora Stairs. Between Wednesday and today, we also had some people return from those early days who we haven’t seen in years. I think it’s pretty cool to know that even though they may not have been able to make it the past while, they can still count on the community being there for them when they need it. It’s really cool to see and I’m sure it feels like they showed up again for the first time. Speaking of first times, do you remember yours? More specifically, do you remember the first person you met at NP? How about the last person you met at NP? Was it one of those people from the early days? If you don’t have remember (and even if you do), you have another 3 opportunities to answer those questions next week.

We’re ramping up for a huge November and one of the first things we’re announcing is below!


You may or may not have heard that the founders of NP, Brogan and Bojan are making their return to Edmonton at the start of November. They’re going to be doing a keynote at the Ignite 360 Conference in Kananaskis from November 7-9th. Before that, they’re going to be joining us to spread magic, free fitness dust on all of us at the Royal Glenora Stairs on November 6th. You’ll want to be there. Also, if you’re interested in heading to the conference, we’ve been given a NP rate to the conference. Follow this link for details on the conference and to get the NP discount, or type in the promo code “I360NovProj19” when registering.

Did you know we showed up in one of France’s top publications? You can see it here. You may need to use a translator.

Mondays workout is on the west half of Rice Howard Way.

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