Do the Fun Stuff (BOS)

Do you ever have shit to do that’s not really fun?

Of course you do. We all do. It’s actually a majority of the things that adulting requires. But if there’s anything that November Project teaches us, it’s that the shit that could be annoying, boring, difficult, uninspiring, or just not fun, really CAN be fun if you make it that way.

Running is generally more fun when you do it with friends. Fitness of all kinds is mostly more entertaining when you add a few weird movements and absolutely better when you add bizarre sound effects. I mean, throw out a “weeeeeeeee!” or a “LA LA LA LA LA LA LA” or whatever noise comes out of your mouth/guts/soul when you do a burpee, press out a push up, or leap over the pothole (because that’s a game too)…and just see if the experience gets a little bit better. If you actually try it, you realize that it does.

Can you make jumping jacks more fun? Sure. Don’t just blah…blah…doooo jumping jacks. DO those damn jumping jacks. Get really assertive with your jump. Get the full arm swing. Clap like you’re 3 years old and just figured out how to get those palms together above your head–be p u r – p o s e – f u l about it. Make sure that every single person around you knows you are JUMP JACKING, and doing so with purpose. And if you’re that into it, hell, they might even be interested in trying it too. Why??? Because you made it look fun. You actually made it fun.

Can you put on a funny hat, or a weird pair of sunglasses? Can you find a onesie in the closet and do stuff wearing that? Think it’ll be more fun? I’d go so far as to guarantee it.

So take a note from NP since the beginning of time. Life isn’t meant to be all serious and no play. It isn’t meant to only be frivolous either. But it absolutely is meant to have meaning and purpose, and fun is an essential ingredient in purposeful living as are productivity, efficiency, and the typical adult expectations. Go ahead, show up to NP for it. And go make a little fun out there too.

wanna have fun this weekend?

SUNDAY, Oct 6, we have an opportunity to run a race with the Forest Hills Runners ( a super cool run group based in JP.) They’re hosting the Franklin Park Mile on Sun and if you’re a part of NP_BOS, you can either get a free entry or a 20% off entry.

  • Sign up HERE.
  • if you’re one of the first 5 people from NP to sign up, use entry code “iknowjon” and you’ll get FREE entry.
  • if you try that code and it no longer works, you weren’t the one of the first 5 to sign up, but you can still use “justshowup” to get 20% off your entry fee.
  • Have so much fun!

wanna volunteer with NP_BOS? or just hang out together?

We have opportunities for both coming up on Oct. 16th. Check out this BLOG for some additional reading, and the details about the volunteer opportunity and upcoming social at the bottom. Read on. Show up. Enjoy!


Come workout at 6:29am on 10/7… Underground at Ink Block. MAP HERE.


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