Fear Factor: NP Edition

Wisconsin Notes:
-I tried to catch the flog, but I mist
-12 Days of Fitmas starts NOW
-The Great Skate is coming

This morning we ran back and forth across the bridge and back and forth across the field, and events transpired that led me to believe that November Project is pretty much Fear Factor, and here is why:

November Project: Fear Factor Edition
Challenge 1: run through the fog #watchyourstep
Challenge 2: play chicken with a bike (this is a joke, please don’t do this, always get out of the bikes way) #bbbbiiikkkeee #bike #bike
Challenge 3: lie down in the grass where there might be a mouse #itsaprairievole
Challenge 4: dodge the dogs, and their poop #comecarter
Bonus points: interact with a crush or ex or current partner #NPromance

This morning was practically balmy, and you all showed up in numbers, so thank you!

PS. Thank you to Dom for safely sheep dogging the prairie vole safely away from the  group and onto the path. I couldn’t have done it, I would have literally died.

Also this morning, Marina won the Shabooya. Marina is an OG, she has been coming since the beginning, but don’t let her sweet smile fool you, girl is FAST. Marina is one of my training partners (shhhh don’t tell her but, I’m slowing tricking her into training for, and then running a full marathon) and it drives me bananas because no matter the distance or the pace, she is ALWAYS five big strides ahead of me. Marina,  thank you for pushing me to go faster and pushing NP to go faster, we’re glad you’re here.

This Saturday, it’s the Christmas party and we’re going curling! Get your deets here: 

All skill levels welcome and encouraged, let’s get a BIG CREW out. The more the merrier! We will be annoying you with reminders for the rest of the week. Skip the hassle and RSVP now. I think it’s gonna be an AWESOME day!  Seriously come, you won’t be disappointed

This year we’re doing the 12 Days for Fitmas a little differently! It’s gonna be by the people, for the people! We’ve made a google doc, add your name and add your activity. Let’s try and get out and get moving for 12 days straight! Get your google doc here:

Don’t want to workout alone? Put your workout on NP YWG Community and get some buds to join you! Don’t know where to start? We have a plethora of free activities available to us:

Monday: Fun Run Crew
Tuesday: track Tuesday
Wednesday: November Project
Friday: Awesome Hot Yoga
Saturday: Winnipeg Run Club
Let’s get after it!

Thank you for your patience, I will try not to delete completed blogs in the future.  Like I always like to say “why do something once, when you can do it twice, a little worse and a lot more rushed the second time.”

Have a wonderful day, see you all on Saturday!
-Technologically Incompetent M

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