Farm Fresh Fitness (ORL)

We believe the best kind of workout is one that is fun, challenging, interactive and, of course, free. We try to attain those qualities in every workout that we plan. It was chilly this Wednesday by the lake, but a hearty herd showed up to make the morning matter. After a possible record long bounce, everyone chose a random farm animal from the bag, and was instructed to find their kind making only their animal sounds. This fun activity had me cracking up and it set up their teams for the workout. The session consisted of Teams Sheep, Cows, Pigs, Chickens, and Horses competing to gather eggs from the coop. They first had to decide as a team how many eggs they would try to retrieve and that allowance of eggs was pre-determined by how many exercises they were to do. In order to retrieve 1 egg, each animal had to complete 10 burpees, 20 partner pushups, and 10 partner leg throws, then a long plank while the egg was retrieved by one person. If you wanted three eggs, the work was three times as hard.

Farm life is tough.

No one could count their chickens before they hatched, because it came down to the wire. In the end it was Team Sheep and Team Cows who came home with the most eggs, tied at 7. The teams worked hard to get all of their eggs in a basket and the interaction between old friends and new gave me a warm feeling on a cold morning. (Super cheesy, I know, but it’s true.)

I got even warmer feelings when the tribe surprised #angelface and I with the kindest words, generous gift cards and beautiful calendars full of pictures of some of our favorite tribe memories! You guys sure are T double E double R double R double I double F double I double C C C! Thanks for showing up week after week to this inclusive group that brings fulfillment, friendship, and love, along with so many more enriching qualities to our lives and our community.




  • Recruitment challenge is underway. An accountability chart was presented this week, with everyone who showed up earning a sticker. You will get a sticker every *Wednesday that you show up here or #traverbal to another city. Extra stickers will be earned by bringing new recruits, working extra hard, or any other reason we see fit! In a couple of months, we will raffle off some pretty sweet swag from companies like The North Face, Jaybird , Ragnar and more!
  • We got some discounts on great races this year! NP20 will get you 20% off any race in the TNF Endurance Challenge Series and code NOVPROJECT2019 will get your team $100 off any Ragnar Race in the US!
  • Check out our Fb social page to stay up do date on all the haps with the tribe!
  • Good luck to all of our tribe headed to Syracuse this weekend for the SNOWGLOBE!

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