Gin Riot 2.0

A race is always a daunting task, even a 5K comes with its own anxiety. Remembering the agony of straining for a PR and fulfilling expectations are reasons for my nervousness on race day. And then there is the Gin Riot, a race designed to showcase the hardest parts of a typical NP workout. Which other race has burpees, stairs and running hills as part of it? 

Gin Riot refresher:

5 Burpees

Half a lap of rash field to the stairs

Half set of stairs (10 staircases) to the pagoda

That’s 1 lap 

Repeat 5 more times. 

Race along the inner harbor promenade to the Baltimore St side of Patterson Park. 

Run the Baltimore st hill 3 times and finish at the Patterson Park Pagoda. 

Should come to about 8.7miles

That’s the Gun Riot!!

It’s obviously a difficult race, so feeling anxious about it makes sense. Last year when we put this challenge out to the tribe we were nervous about many things, including a revolt about the absurdity of merging two of our hardest workouts into a single race. 

Here are a couple of tribe mates on last year’s experience. 



A year ago when they announced the Gin Riot, I remember thinking it was a ridiculously hard, yet silly race. I laughed at the description on the Facebook event that somehow connected the war of 1812 to brightly-colored, 21st century runners who really like hugging. But don’t get me wrong, no matter how silly, there was no way I was running it! My PR at the time was six laps and I practically scrapped myself off of Rash field following that feat. The Gin Riot was for those elite runners that lapped me every week, not someone like me who doesn’t even workout outside of NP, right?!  

Wrong!! I was completely convinced that the Gin Riot wasn’t for me, but many NP friends thought just the opposite and, for whatever reason, I eventually believed them. On race day I laced up my new shoes and took off, knowing I could always call an Uber if I got really desperate. But, I ended up running the entire race and at different points around the city I remember thinking “I can’t believe I’m still running.” It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, but one of my biggest accomplishments. So I’m here to tell you if you’re doubting your abilities, your perceived lack of training, or if you just think it’s too cold—think again! Start 2019 off right by pushing yourself to your limits and proving yourself wrong, like I did. Your biggest fan club will be waiting for you at the finish line!



I’d only ever run one “long” race before the Gin Riot last year. I was admittedly intimidated by it; but being split into three pieces – PR day, promenade, Friday hills – made it much more consumable. Before I knew it, 9 miles were behind me and friends all around! 

It’s definitely a race for everyone of every ability level. It was one of my favorite achievements of 2018!

Do YES!! We think you can totally do this Yes, YOU! We’ve seen what you’ve brought to PR day when we have a clock on you. We’ve seen how you’ve survived some brutal races. We know you have the grit to carry those hills and the pride of the tribe on your back.  More than anything else we knew the presence of the tribe cheering you will make the final difference on those last hills. I promise you, those last miles aren’t lonely. We were as proud of the final finisher as the first finisher because we know it takes heart to take on the riot. 

So I hope to see you on the 27th strapped in for action, maybe a little afraid, but knowing you’ll meet the challenge with your best!! 

Let’s Riot!! 

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