Everything Good in Winter (Boston 1.18.19)

There’s so much good about wintertime in Boston. Today’s blog is a review and a preview of such things:

TODAY: The workout was good. It’s dark until at least 7am, which is also when we have to be quiet until in Brookline. So we ran front hills + stair spice + step-ups or jumps spice on the wall, both in the dark and then after the sun came up. Our friend Laura Green of former NP_SF leadership, only complained a little that our workout are SO LONG compared to SF. Which just means that we get MORE free fitness in Boston than in SF.

This is good.

THIS WEEKEND: It’s predicted that we’re going to get some winter weather. Some folks say, “finally!!!” while others are rolling their eyes because it’s still too soon for the next winter storm. Regardless, we have a whole weekend to get #weatherproof, to embrace whatever mother nature has to offer us, and to hopefully find amazing ways to enjoy it. Because we can.

This is good.

MONDAY: We’re holding the #SunriseML6K.

  • Location at Harvard outdoor Track. (called McCurdy Track on the maps).
  • Start times will be 5:30am and 6:30am.
  • There will be a fresh ML6K tag (and hopefully the spray paint will not be frozen).
  • Prizes will be given for place winners and the Race MVP
  • It will be winter. Super winter. Super duper winter. Very cold–dress in layers and for cold temperatures. There will likely be snow and the conditions might be shit. But #justshowup and have some wintery fun with us.

Winter racing is so good.

ALL FEBRUARY: November Project Boston’s co-leaders (EmSauce & Capozzi) will be hosting workouts on the Esplanade on SATURDAY mornings. MORE FREE FITNESS in Boston, which is a really really really REALLY great way to bring everyone who doesn’t want to get up for 6:30am workouts (yet) to show up to an NP-style workout and feel the vibe for everything it’s worth. Get them engaged (and hooked) and it might be a lot easier to get those family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, and strangers alike to show up MWF mornings with the rest of the tribe for the rest of time. These workouts are part of the Frost Fit Winter Series on the Esplanade, and we’re happy to collaborate with the Esplanade Association to make this happen. Here’s the summary:

  • All Saturdays in February. (Feb 2, Feb 9, Feb 16, Feb 23)
  • 10 – 11am
  • Free fitness + so much fun with NP co-leaders Emily Saul & Chris Capozzi
  • Meet in front of the Hatch Shell on the Esplanade.
  • Sign up here (more details listed in the sign-up) And you do NOT need to bring a yoga mat, despite what it says.

More free fitness opportunities (in the WINTER) for all of NP and the entire city is GOOD!

The weekend is also good. Please enjoy it and we’ll see you Monday!

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