An Ode to the Blog (YEG)

Oh Blog you are now live,
I feel today that you will be short,
for you see I need to strive,
to finish my work report.

Oh Blog thank you for recanting the tales of the workout,
your humor and grace is seen by at least 10 people.
Oh Blog statements of today's -30 day were nothing but a fairy-tale

"No badge for you," Mean Jen said with a shout
"No matter," we replied "we'll have fun either way climbing this steep hill"
Oh Blog with a group like this we will always prevail


Non-rhythmic poetry aside hahaha….as your morning alarm went off you knew today wasn’t a -30 badge day but you still chose to #justshowup. You truly are weatherproof and dedicated to providing a space for others while bettering yourself – amazing!

Get out there, take on the weekend, and we’ll see you Monday for the continuation of bridge month.



Monday – Middle of the LRT Bridge

Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs

Friday – Walterdale Hill


Keep being awesome,


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