Every Minute is an Opportunity (BOS 5.13.19)

Today’s Monday morning #DestinationDeck workout was as good as they get. The location was dope–overlooking the sunrise and the ocean to the east of Boston. In view of the airport receiving and sending off planes every minute. In a wide-open and fitness-ready location, at the end of Long Wharf. There’s a super cool compass in granite on the ground and big granite blocks right at the edge of the wharf that are perfect for step-ups and dips and lots of great exercises. It’s great.

And the workout today was EMOMs. Every Minute On the Minute we start a set of an exercise. We do the set as fast as possible, in order to have as much rest as possible before the next minute starts. We did pushups, step-ups, dips, and burpees, each for 5 minutes of EMOMs. And based on the reactions from all the great human beings who showed up this morning (as well as the silence during some of those minutes of work), that shit was hard.

Which gives us an opportunity to look at those hard-as-hell EMOMs and ask ourselves what we can learn from them. You know, given that we don’t just conclude that we hate them and will avoid them forevermore. But if we actually look for what can be gained not just from those 20 minutes of hard work, but also from the experience as a whole, we might draw out something like this: every minute is an opportunity. Each and every minute is a restart for our bodies and minds. Well, let’s be really real, it’s barely a restart for our bodies, because those minutes turn over very very quickly. BUT they are –they can be— a restart for our minds. No matter how hard that last minute was, no matter if we hit our number of reps for that minute or not, we can start each minute with a clear mind about the only thing that is in front of us, which is that single minute.

It’s not an easy practice, but seems to be a pretty valuable one, not only during EMOMs workouts, but during everything. What if we gave our minds the permission to forget about the sections we’ve already done in the stadium (and therefore how tired we must be), and instead look at THIS section as the only one we think about?! What if we allowed ourselves to do the Monday workout focused completely on the workout–not saving ourselves for the burnout or even the run back home–since we will be able to get to those when we get to them, but not before. What if we ran, pushup-ed, burpee-ed, climbed stairs, etc. fully present in the moment we are in, rather than worried about what’s coming up or burdened by what’s happened in the past? How much would we discover we’re capable of with this kind of mindset?

Even doing something wild like a WOahMAN, the Boston NP-based triathlon of our workouts that includes running to Harvard Stadium from the Friday hill location, doing a full stadium, running back, and completing 50 burpees and 2 full hills, is completely bonkers–but do-able for most people because we are able to separate out those pieces into their own things. When you’re running to the stadium, you’re running. While you’re in the stadium you just focus on the stadium because you know how to do that from the practice of doing it every Wednesday morning. And once you get back to the hills, you’ve almost forgotten that you just ran a tour in the stadium–you know you’re tired, but those hills just become the only thing you focus on.

Of course it’s a little easier to stay fully present when you change locations like we do in the WOahMAN, but the idea is the same. Every minute is an opportunity to be fully present in THAT minute. Every minute can be a reset, a restart, and a refreshing of the belief that, “I can do this minute.” Because it’s not a promise about what we will or won’t be able to do 3 minutes or 5 minutes from now…but it is a commitment to a segment of time that just might be doable — even if it’s really freaking hard.

Each Monday is an opportunity to show up. Each workout is an opportunity to work hard and challenge ourselves to grow our fitness and our selves. Each exercise is an opportunity to get stronger, faster, and better technically. Each minute is an opportunity to be present, to dig in, and to see what we’re capable of. One minute at a time, a whole lot just might be possible. Keep showing up for the workouts, and for those minutes.


NEXT MONDAY 5/20 @ 6:29am will be held at the basketball court of the Quincy Upper School, Boston. Map right HERE.

NEXT NEXT MONDAY 5/27 will be an adventure. It’s Memorial Day (hopefully you don’t have to work!) and we’re doing something out of the ordinary. Be ready to show up early, stay late, and go somewhere we’ve never been. #JustShowUp

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