Enjoy Your Weekend, See You By The River On Monday (BOS)

When times are busy, blog recap turns into WISCONSIN NOTES. Also instead of lounging on the sandy beaches of Mexico, BG is impatiently waiting to see what we did so this morning, so this is the best way to get him up to speed.

– 50 and sunny was exactly what doctor prescribed for an amazing workout.
– Doctor also prescribed 4full hills (3full scalable version) with the spice of 3 burpees on each side of the park.
– I’m still trying to figure out who this doctor is that’s subscribing the workouts. Am I just hearing voices? Do I have a schizofrenia? Is anyone in the tribe a doctor?
– There were a lot of dogs at the workout. Most of them were faster than humans.
– Birthday celebration went well. My jacket smells like champagne.
– Monday #DestinationDeck location is Charles River Canoe & Kayak.
– #WeekendEarned

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