It is that time of year again.  The North Face Endurance Challenge – Bear Mountain, NY was a hell of a ride last year.  We laughed, we smiled, we saw the mountain and all of that went away.  Then we bounced and it all came back to us.  Then we drank some beverages and headed back.  And now its time to do it all over again.  The main event that people tend to do is the MARATHON RELAY.  It is four legs of the 10km course, with the start, transition zone for each leg, and finish at the exact same spot.  Its an amazing event and a BEAUTIFUL location.

So, using the Silicon Valley skillz of NOVEMBER PROJECT SF, we have created THE GOOGLE FORM for everyone to gather information from near and far about the race.  There are a ton of different tabs to the sheet (those looking for teams, out of towners looking for places to crash, etc).  It also contains the discount code used to sign up “NPNY15” for 15% off the registration fee.  Also as like last year, we are working to get a cheap bus that will drop us off at the Start/Finish and take us back to Manhattan.  For that use: Bus Interest Form. The post race party will be in Manhattan, details COMING SOON.


As you see from the photo above, THIS IS A TRAIL RACE.  The course is has some of the steepest climbs of any of the Endurance Challenge events, as well as some of the steepest climbs.  We will be getting some experts to post some tips about the course, how to train for this type of terrain, gear, etc. throughout the coming months. No scare tactics, all important information about how to kick the mountains ass!

This weekend is going to be amazing.  So get your team together, spread the word to other tribes and let everyone know that BEAR MOUNTAIN is the toughest race you will ever beast/best party in town.  I mean, look at Emma after running three legs last year:




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