Two Years Ago Today (NYC)

Two years ago today it began. The quest of two dudes in New York City to attempt to join something larger than themselves. We know, that’s a tall order with our egos. The attempt to add to the #freefitness and #freecommunity movement that is November Project. Oh boy, what did we get ourselves into? Fuck!

Well 730 days later, here we are. And This Shit Is Still Good! Paul and I have enjoyed a wild ride thanks to everyone who ever #justshowed up and who is still #justshowingup.  We felt it would be cool to give some of the newer tribe members some perspective of how this all got kicked off.  I tried to narrow down a few pictures, but then thought you can just see for yourself here *

*Yes, I have no life and I have also lost many friends who have unfriended me after my constant barrage of social sharing after every workout we do.  

Some key moments that led to this:


– Paul stumbled upon some November Project videos and shared them

– NP landed on the cover of Runners World

– Sara Beaney bugged the hell out of us to start a NP in NYC

Then this e-mail went out to the Mother Ship. Yes, I even spelled my name wrong. Well done!

On Tue, Nov 26, 2013 at 11:12 AM, John Honerkamp <> wrote:

November Project

John Honerkamp


Hey Fellas,

I love your site and the concept of the November Project. My name is
John Honerkamo and I do some coaching in NYC. I have some paid
clients, but most of my runners come to my small groups for free.

I was curious of how I would start something like this in NYC without
needing any waivers and also reducing any liability.

I work for the New York Road Runners for my day job and I know all the
NYRR events require permits and waivers.

I’d like to do more grassroots efforts–would love to connect.


For some reason, this got a response from NP Corporate.


thanks for your note and I’m sorry for not responding sooner. As our numbers are growing we are looking to address that issue by developing a web based sign-in sheet/fitness progress tracking tool where users would wave liability and accept inherent dangers of working out with our group. If someone shows up but is not willing to fill this out, we wouldn’t consider them members. Since we’re using public space where everyone is allowed to “play” it would be hard to prove who’s member and who’s not so this web based tool would be the only way to define that. 
If you’re interested in considering this more seriously, please let me know and we can chat further. 
Take care!
Bojan Mandaric
November Project


Well, Paul and I considered this more seriously and went for it. I went up to my first NP workout and I was hooked. This needed to be in NYC.

January 15th, 2014


Still January 15th, 2014

January 22nd, 2014, we were off:


Here are some random highlights since it was tough to narrow down and I have a day job.  These are in no particular order.


Ferry1 Flag Summit shortshorts WTF BojanKiss Sticks Yearbook Photos Ferry Reverse Focus PaulJohn NYT 1st Birthday feathers SuckingatTagging Rope PA Win Bojan Visits Sidecar BridgePaul Yerabookpics PLChicago Carols16 Marathon Boston Snowball SF


Wow! Thank You For Being Here! Thank You For Being There! Thank You For Always Being There!

Onward and upward for more #worldtakeover


Wednesday: Meet at The Bridge, E102nd Street Footbridge, Wards Island Side, 5:28am and 6:28am

Bring somebody new.



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