Easter Egg Battle (YEG)

I think my body officially checked out of Easter this morning. I thought I had reached my limit of carrot cake last night with my family, I kept going back for more until my stomach told me it might have to give some back with all the icing on it. But when I saw Manon get out of her car with more cupcakes, my brain told my body to hit reset and just deal with it. Fast forward to the end up the workout and I ended up having more than my share of some of those carrot cake cupcakes, they were delicious but now I think I have to avoid carrot cake for a very long time, at least the next week, 5 days minimum.


Rewind a half hour and we had a great team building workout, cream eggs, boiled eggs, painted eggs and mini eggs all battled each other to get rid of their eggs. As is the case with any team style workouts, the competition can turn to grudges real quick and that was true in the second game where one group ended with over a hundred eggs in their basket. You all know who you are, you have your homework today to finish your 116 or so pushups and sit ups. I only saw Amanda finish her’s before she ran home, she is way to nice of a person to have been caught up in all the cheating that was going on in her group, its a shame. I’m still surprised with all the egg pride and the close calls between runners that there was no spilled yolk between the teams, it got hectic moving eggs around a bit there.


All the grudges were dropped when time was called and I happened to be in the middle dancing to Beastie Boys by myself. Hugs were exchanged between previously battling painted and boiled eggs, somehow cream and mini’s put their differences aside and found that they both have chocolate and sugar in common.


Wednesday is 28:19 day at the Glenora stairs so come ready to race for Abe’s hat and the t shirt, but more importantly, try to best last month’s number or set a good baseline. Friday we will be back at Walterdale Hill to run some hills. I hope you all had a great weekend and awesome seeing your faces this morning, new, old and returning for a couple of you.

I still need a sweet signature, Tyler.

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