Bring Sally Up (NPSF)

Today, the Tribe took over the workout by leading us through a series of Tostado Tabata workouts. A tribe member is nominated and they lead us 1 minute of an exercise of their liking, followed by a sprint to the top of the hill. Since they got to stand in the spotlight and lead that exercise, we allowed the Tribe to interrogate said nominee with a barrage of questions.


We had some interesting exercises (and questions):

  • Unfortunately we didn’t find out what does the inside of the internet look like? We’ll need to give Tantek the whole workout to find that out
  • Patrick Canfield brought us through some groin thrusts, and we asked him an odd moment from his round-the-world trip. So he told us all about this time we walked for miles through the dark Bulgarian woods to find a bed. Could have just took an Uber, Patrick
  • Kristyn Kadala told us the secret to running 50 milers. 3 hours of eliptical and 100s of frog jumps… DAILY!
  • Henry addressed the critical question of what your favourite two cereals to mix
  • Lynn from Chicago told us that Mitch Westwood is NOT the best hugger in the #talk30tome. She also told us that SF in windier and colder than Chicago. Controversial statements, Chi-town, controversial! Adrienne was quick to assure us that SF had better huggers than DC at least.


We also finished with an epic burnout. Phil has the only finisher of the Bring Sally Up pressup challenge. We’re going to breaking out many similar burnouts these coming weeks, so brace yourself!


Things coming up:

WEDNESDAY. PR Wednesday and #GrassrootsGear tagging. Double Whammy!

SUNDAY: Rock and Roll Half marathon. We’re looking for a lead volunteer to head up a NPSF cheer station. Any takers?

Running Boston and you need accommodation? Check out this handy Google Doc from the Mothership.


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