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Before I get started, read this blog if you haven’t.

It has answers to questions about HELL WEEK, so if you skipped it, go back.

Now on to our regularly scheduled nonsense!

I had a feeling that when a half drunk lemur showed up to the workout that it was going to be a fun one. One of my best friends from back home came out to visit me this past weekend. Ken and I have known each other for 19 years, which when we realized it has been that long, we ordered a second beer. Jokes aside, it was great to reconnect with someone that I don’t get to see that often. We got acai bowls pretty much every day (#basic), went and got tattoos, and subjected Kait to a few childhood memories when she joined us for a beer. One of my oldest best friends and one of my newest best friends coming together lead to a great night.

Why am I talking about this? Well, this morning at #brekkieclub, Melanie told me that during the burnout she was paired up with someone new that she didn’t know each time. It’s no secret that group settings can be intimidating for new faces. At November Project we form such tight bonds, and sometimes we aren’t aware of how welcomed a first timer might feel. Hearing that Melanie was planking with people she didn’t know was great, but what followed was even better. Her smile got bigger and then she mentioned that it was awesome because it meant that we are growing as a tribe and new people are showing up. We say things like “all your friends are here” and while that is true, so to is “all your potential new friends.” I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve been guilty (numerous times) over the past 4 years of going up to someone asking their name and how long they’ve been coming only to find out that they’ve been showing up for a month or longer.

So, I’m going to throw out a little extra credit homework for you. Whether from this morning’s workout or starting next week – meet someone new, exchange some type of contact info (fb/ig/yo digits), and learn something new about them. Ask about their favorite flavor of banana, or what type of cookie they’d be, find out why they show up, see if they have any interest in a race coming up, send them a funny meme or an inspirational quote, write a dope ass haiku, anything really, but most importantly the next time you see them at a workout go up to them and say “Hey person’s name here, I’m glad you’re here!”


I promise you it’ll make a world of difference.


Hey Inebriated Lemur, I’m glad you showed up today!


SUNDAY 8/5 – If you’re looking for something to do Sunday, United LA is hosting a picnic in our backyard – Griffith Park!  All the local running clubs will be present and it’s not only a great way to talk to other folks (yay new friends!) Also, this would be a great time to wear that #grassrootsgear because #alwaysberecruiting. Just saying…

November Project Los Angeles Social Page – For those of you who have been to a workout and are curious for more social activities, feel free to join our B.B. (bulletin board…it may have taken me awhile to figure out this acronym) HERE.

HELL WEEK – Begins 8/13.  More details HERE

Fun Fact: King Julien, the most famous ring tailed lemur, likes to move it, move it!

Do Good LA. 

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