Duane Aprhill

#APRHILL week 1 is in the books! Let’s check in on our current score totals.

  • 331 – Team Kait
  • 299 – Team Mess

Currently Team Kait is holding on to a 32 point lead, but with 3 full weeks left to go, it is anyone’s game! Remember, anyone that you recruit to NP, automatically is on your team. Team Kait, now is a good time to practice being introverted and maybe some long solo meditation sessions!

We’re loving the camaraderie from the tribe this week! Keep supporting one another, and engage with a little bit of healthy/friendly competition.



Battle of the Babysitters – Announcement coming soon with our fabulous Babysitter lineup!

Finish the Ride/Run – There’s still time to sign up for a variety of running/cycling options and if you’re in the mood to just cheer and hang out, that’s perfect as well!  What’s a better way to spend a Sunday than in the sun with some friends?

FUN FACT: When L.A. was founded, the city’s full name was El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora Reina de los Angeles sobre el Rio Porciuncula.


Do good, LA!



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