This is the week of Hashtags. 

Lately we’ve had a lot of really important announcements, which leads to too much time staring at us but also less time  doing burpees, complaining about how much we’re sweating ( It’s summer in Baltimore…” if it aint the heat, it’s the humility.”) I just want to make sure everyone knows what’s going on in the coming weeks. 

1. #DRNHNT has come to a close and hopefully we’ll be ready to deliver the goods next week. If you don’t know what #DRNHNT  is just message your best NP friend and be confused together. But it’s going to be a pretty awesome moment and we want you all there. So, if you’ve found yourself mindlessly thumbing through the NP photo albums anytime in the last 3 years, we want you at this workout.

2. #KNOTTYNP: As we announced this morning, we have 2 bibs to give away for the Baltimore Running festival. These bibs are good for any race in the festival and will cost you nothing. That’s cool. HOWEVER…in order to determine who they will go to, we decided to stage a week long Instagram competition judged by our mothers ( to really eliminate any bias). Here are the rules.

a. Take a photo of your running shoes in an inappropriate place. Think on an operating table at the closest hospital, on your dog, on your plate at a really fine restaurant (extra points if it’s Charleston, just cuz). Get creative. You can wear them, not wear them, use them for toilet paper…we don’t care. 

b. Post said photo to instagram using the hashtag #KNOTTYNP and tag @novemberprojectbmore and @baltrunfest . YES…we know this shit is cheesy but we just don’t care that much. Post a whitty caption. Make my mom laugh

c. Wait for our mothers to deliberate over the fine details of your post. How were the shoes positioned? Did you tie your laces? Did you wear socks, your feet are going to get cold?! You’re not going out in those are you?! When are you going to get a real job? 

(If you don’t have a Chimpstagram account, feel free to post from a friend’s. We don’t care where it came from, just don’t let them steal your bib)

Likewise, if you don’t win but still want to run, please use our discount code “NovemberProjectBmore” (it’s case sensitive) to register for any race you want. Share it with anyone who is interested, they don’t have to be from NP.

3. Next week is #BAL1 – PRDAY!! Shit is tough but we want you there, because we like you and working hard builds character or chest hair or something.

4. THIS FRIDAY WE ARE IN PATTERSON PARK! NEXT FRIDAY OUR LOCATION WILL CHANGE! KEEP THAT IN THE BACK OF YOUR MIND! (The Friday after  PR day is always at an alternative location. Think of it as a small reward for working hard.)





(Pardon any typos, I wrote this from my iphone. Sorry, I meant I wrote this from my computer, I just don’t use spellcheck)

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