Down the Ladder

If you’ve been coming to NP_OAK for a while, you might have recognized elements of this morning’s workout from our East Bay Free Fitness days.

Whether it was Alex’s favorite Remember the Titans bounce (HT Zip at NPSF), the sprint to the gazebo, or the 20-15-10-5 ladder, there was plenty this morning for OG NP_Oaklanders to vibe on.

Fortunately, since it was all so familiar, there was ZERO CONFUSION about what loop to run or what sequence the exercises were supposed to be done in. (Jk. Maybe Alex needs to be clearer when explaining the workouts…)

At any rate, nice work out there today gang. Y’all crushed some lunges, pushups, planks, and loops. And that’s just a great way to start a Wednesday.

BONUS: If you read this far in the blog, DON’T TELL ANYONE, but come see Alex and Rebecca at the start of next week’s workout and tell them the secret code (“pumpkin spices”) for a special prize. We’re trying to get more people to read our phenomenal blog 😉


RBO: An amazing local organization, Running for a Better Oakland is hosting a fun run on August 4, followed by an East Bay Beer Runners after-party. Check out the details on Facebook and register for the run here to support RBO. Spots for the fun run are limited so register soon!

SUMMIT: Register soon for the North Face Endurance Challenge Series at Kettle Moraine State Park in Wisconsin. You can run 50 miles, 50 kilometers, a marathon, or team up with a few other folks to run a marathon relay. Here’s a Google doc to start coordinating relay and race interests, travel, and other stuff.

LAKE MERRITT CLEANUP: Starting this Saturday, Alex and Rebecca will be organizing regular volunteer opportunities to help the Lake Merritt Institute keep out beautiful lake uncluttered. Stay tuned!

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