Does anyone know what happened to Michelle Branch? (NYC)

 “Feels like San Fran out here.  This isn’t #weatherproof.” DMPS.  Can you remember the order of exercises from today? DMPS. Dips, Mountain Climbers, Push ups, Step ups.  DMPS. 


1) Its not Nick’s shoes that are making him slip.  Why? He doesn’t wear shoes.  Someone buy the man some knee pads.
2) Even when Brian Hsia slips, he gets up and laughs.  And smiles.  And then makes the group photo from 5:30 blurry.  But we will say its a huge smile.
3) Michelle Branch Is still alive.  We were pretty worried about her.  Has anyone heard from her in, oh I don’t know, maybe the last like 5 years?  Turns out, the last thing she did was eat dinner on the show Hell’s Kitchen in 2010.
4) I learned how to use my camera and take pictures like POW!, Seb, Beaney, Ben, and the rest. That’s right, now you don’t have excuses for the workout.
5) Leanne is leaving us. Thank you for helping us out as a babysitter, thank you for the injury decks, thank you for the EPIC! workouts.  Hey Philly, sending some love to the city of brotherly love (said it again, it was that good).
6) Vanessa Carlton and Michelle Branch are the same person to most people.  But not me.  Never.

FRIDAY: 110th & Central Park West.  Fredrick Douglas Circle.

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