Run Strong and Run Free (LAX)

As the LA Marathon comes closer and closer there are a few things I want you to remember.

You have come this far. Do not doubt yourself. Deep down inside you are capable. Yes there may be a million nagging no’s that tell you that “You can’t do it” or that it is okay to stop. Rather listen to the one yes, the one yes that says that you can and that you are able. You’ve gone on strong enough, training and mentally preparing, and now is the time. There’s no doubt you’ve faced challenges in your life and that this is a big feat, but consider this an experience, a test of character, an exploration of your limits. There is a reason that you chose to run this race and though you may have your doubts at this moment, that decision still lies strong as a “yes” deep inside you.

At every mile say “yes” as a reminder that you can keep moving forward. Say “yes” in efforts to listen to the beating of your heart and your body in motion rather than your mind playing tricks on you. Say “yes” to you, for you are a powerful human being and you have been gifted with two legs to run strong and run free. Embrace the joy and embrace the pain, it will be a roller coaster, but enjoy it.

Fuel well. Hydrate. And say yes!




Friday- Meet at the bottom of the Culver City Stairs/ Baldwin Hills Stairs at 6:27am.

Sunday- Meet just after Mile 18 at 8:30am-onwards to cheer our fellow Angelinos and NPers at the LA MARATHON! You do not want to miss this. Bring Signs, cheer and what ever other goodies you want to contribute!


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