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I give my time as a part of this exchange program at a yoga studio in LA. While working there this past Tuesday I was talking to one of my co workers about the recent attacks on Paris and how this has suddenly brought an extreme amount of attention to our safety and other attacks across the world.

When we are shaken by an event it gives us this reconsidering of values and makes us question the integrity of our lives. To think, what are we doing here when we realize how fragile we are.

The fact that a person can think it is okay to harm another baffles my mind. I can’t fully understand why these things happen and why they continue to. Listening to NPR they mentioned how these attacks can simply be organized by several people. That’s several people who then can make a world impact. Negative, of course, yet they affected millions of people and have made us reconsider, even if for a moment, the way we go about our days.  So with that said who’s to say that can not be in the reverse? Loss brings such recognition for the sudden empty space that is no longer there, but our positivity, our love, our generosity is ever so prevalent and we can sometimes take it that for granted.

We have time to focus and recognize the true moments where we are able to affect and be affected in a positive light from all different angels in this world. I’m not saying this is a solution to this problem, but from a scale of 300 people that are all interconnected to this city from Santa Monica to Orange County from Burbank all the way to flippin Victorville, you all have the power to bring goodness to somebody’s life. The power that is you, the power of one simple person can truly make a difference. YOU have the choice to live happy. You have the choice to spread that happiness. You have the choice to receive that happiness. It’s all sharing. So today, this week, this year, this moment, use the opportunity to affect someone and yourself in a positive light.


For the good that is in the world and for the good that you hold,





 FRIDAY– We are meeting at Ferndell aka the LA jungle at this location at Los Feliz blvd and Fern Dell Dr. 

 SUNDAY– SWEETGREENS is hooking us up with free grub and some giveaways before they open up their store in the next couple weeks. Sign up here.

 MONDAY– NP YOGA- It’s back again for the monthly sweaty/stretchy goodness. Sign up by emailing with VERBAL in the title and your name in the body. These usually fill up so be sure to get on it. Free as usual and open to everyone including your mom.

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