G’Day Mates! (DEN)

Disclaimer: Read this in your best Australian accent to enhance your personal experience.

The dingo ate my baby!  See?  You just hopped on the Amtrak to Pleasure Town!  You lost the accent already didn’t you?  Back on the train.

The tribe was strong as hell this morning.  I’m truly inspired by each of you.  We’ve got Ironmen and Women.  We’ve got one crazy cat who just climbed up to 18,500’ in Mexico and didn’t blink an eye because he’s Clint Fucking Eastwood at high noon in Dodge City.  We’ve got 2 rookie dudes (John and Bryan) who doubled up on their first day on one of the hardest workouts we do just because it seemed like a good idea.  Let’s throw another shrimp on the Barbie!  Always come back to the accent, don’t ever leave.

You salty, hearty souls burpee’d, jump lunged, fire drilled, and burned out on your way through the bush to the top of the mountain.  You conquered that shit like Sir Edmund Hillary and didn’t look back.  Watching you all bound up the stairs reminded me of a pack of rabid kangaroos on speed, but in a good way.

THIS, my wonderful wallabies, is why we just fucking show up.  We are faster and stronger for having known each other and will only continue to get faster and stronger as we climb to that metaphorical, but mostly literal mountain top of world takeover.

YOUR challenge is to tell a tribe member about your mountain – be it physical or otherwise.  Make a #verbal and let the tribe do what the tribe does best – help you conquer that shit, hug it out, and be a force of change and positivity in your life.

If you’ve stopped reading this in an Australian accent, do it again.  Don’t ask why, just do it.

5:30 around-the-worlders
5:30 around-the-worlders


FRIDAY: 530/615a Little Man Ice Cream Hill – Hirshorn Park

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