DisCo Notes (DCA)

DisCo notes are not a thing. WISCO Notes, better known as Wisconsin Notes, most definitely are a thing. A tried and true thing. SO MUCH SO, that they make a repeated appearance in the November Project Book.

Preview from the book, AND, a reason for this super short blog: “When the Madison, Wisconsin, tribe came on board, they complained about having to wade through the Boston blog posts. These just-the-facts, straight-shooters wanted the straight dope. So Wisconsin Notes was born, a cliffnotes of sorts written for the Madison tribe.”

5:30. What happens at 5:30 stays at 5:30. What’s the number one rule of 5:30? Don’t talk about 5:30. Over and out.

PS. “BAXTER.” PPS. “GRANT GRANT GRANT” You know, 5:30.

6:29 well 5:30 wasn’t done collectively looking beautiful for the group shot.

6:31 BOUNCED up, down, around, butts on the ground, whatever.

6:35 read aloud of rules to NOT FUCK UP THE WORKOUT

6:3laterbutbefore40 Apex to 5. 15 logs. 35 pushups and ENDLESS TIME IN PLANKS.

7:01 Capitol Cop ditched his bike and jumped in on a log.


TIME. PICTURE. SEE YOU FRIDAY. (Location in tracker in link.) But it’s still the most monumental washington monument of all the washington monuments in washington.

NOTE: If you are interested in reading a blog more interesting than this one, write an interesting blog, ask to share it with your interested tribe members. WE WILL ALL LOVE IT. If you missed the blog from Jack Mullaney out of Milwaukee, you might want to go back and check it out.


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