Did Today Really Happen? (YEG)

NP Family, Andrew Ference 2019, A post modern rendering of a Friday workout

There is a high probability that a workout happened. Maybe a bounce. Possibly a “Fuck Ya!” Pretty sure people showed up for some #hillsforbreakfast. I am almost certain that hills were crushed, the cold was endured, and that high-fives/hugs happened.

I am not 100% sure because the phone froze right before any photo evidence could have been saved. Who would have thought that we are more #weatherproof than a Google phone. Take that Sundar.

Since there was no official proof of a workout occurring, we commissioned an artiste to recreate the magic of this morning. Without question this was successfully done. The smiling faces, the dogs, the snow – it’s all there.



Monday – Parking lot in front of Huskie House (Don’t park in the lot)

Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs


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