From Emily: Almost one whole year ago, my life changed in a way I don’t think I’ll ever be able to describe.  Along with my friends Evan Dana, and Deniz K (I still don’t know how to spell his last name without copying and pasting from Facebook), I became one of the three November Project Boston co-leaders.  None of us could have known at that point all the incredible ways that being co-leaders would change us, empower us, challenge us, and inspire us.  We were asked to take on this incredible honor/responsibility because of how much we each love NP, how much we care about the tribe and every single member, how much we believe in the power of the community and the importance of the workouts.  And ultimately, we were asked to give of ourselves something special to the tribe and NP as a whole.  Over the last year, I have come to know and respect Evan and Deniz far more deeply than I could have expected.  They have given their time, talent, skill, passion, heart, heart, heart, more time, humility, blood, sweat, and certainly tears to this tribe, and I know I speak for the entire tribe when I say thank you.  Thank you both for giving of yourselves, for being so genuinely you, and for making this tribe (and the whole freaking worldwide community of NP) better.  You each bring unique and valuable gifts to the tribe, and they have been appreciated every single day of this journey.  My gratitude for you is immeasurable, because I certainly cannot imagine having been on this journey without each of you.  I love you DE, and thanks for making #DEE so special.  Thank you for continuing to be the amazing, awesome leaders in this tribe that you have always been, both before and during co-leadership, and now beyond. 

And thank you for sharing some words with us, as we honor and celebrate the heck out of you as Leadership of NP.

From Deniz:

You will see many inspirational quotes about achieving goals, making dreams come true. One aspect that’s usually not taken into account is how to set these goals. A goal cannot depend on all stars aligning or magic happening. A goal cannot depend on other people’s choices and decisions that are not in our control… So, “I want that person to love me and have babies with me,” is not a great goal as that person might not be that into you. Expecting an operator to upload a pilot program to your brain over the phone is also not very realistic (at least for now). “I want to run my only marathon this weekend and qualify for the Boston Marathon 2016” is again not a great goal as it requires all stars to align during one particular weekend. Instead our goals should be: “I want to be in a loving relationship,” “I want to learn to fly a helicopter,” “I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon.” Once you set your goals like that, there is no chance of failure. There is just stopping trying. And no matter what happens, don’t fucking stop trying until you get there! Peace out. –Deniz


From Evan:

I am really happy to have been able to give so much towards building this community through free fitness. I’ve been fulfilled knowing that I’ve had impact on your day though the workout design, photos, or encouragement. In leadership of NP I’ve been able to help build a better world, one morning workout at a time, by doing what I love.

Thanks to each and every one of you for a spectacular year. I have enjoyed the unique nature and color each of you bring to the tribe every morning. I am honored by how each of you has trusted us to lead the workouts and direction of NPBOS. I am humbled by running alongside each of you, feeding off of your determination, speed, or playful attitude.

Thanks to BG and B for trusting us with the keys to your goofy and fast car. Thanks to #DEE for the support and feedback, for your exemplary leadership and fitness. Deniz, you have shown me how a perfect Turkish accent can elicit hundreds of warm smiles. You show a determination and effort level that most couldn’t achieve, let alone choose to exert. Emily, not only can you command attention by the number of sunglasses on your noggin, but you have demonstrated #weatherproof to an extreme. I have no doubt you will continue to inspire the tribe with your love for community, eloquence of “FUCK YEAH” in front of news crews, and arms cut from granite.

I’m so excited to experience the new flavors of the PayneCapSaul trio. Payne and Capozzi add an unparalleled authenticity of character and giddy excitement. All three are fierce athletes with great stories of perseverance and growth. They are born leaders. NPBOS will benefit from the camaraderie and balance of this strong trio.

My bright yellow NP-tagged shirt smells of miles of hills, hugs, and champagne. See you on Wednesday at 5:30am for yearbook photos. #verbal. –Evan

Boston Leadership


  • MONDAY DESTINATION DECK is at Head Island near Castle Island. Give your #verbal, We know it’s a holiday.  You can either sleep in or #JustShowUp.  We know what our new co-leaders Capozzi and Payne are going to do, so come on out and join their first official workout as co-leaders.
  • HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE HYPE FOR WEDNESDAY.  #YearbookPhotos will be taken during 5:30 and 6:30 workouts at the stadium on Sept 9th.  Stay tuned because the “theme” for the photos will be announced on Monday.  Don’t fucking miss this.
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