We had an intense, sometimes awkward, but always fun, upper deck workout today.  We aren’t talking about that frat all-star upper deck move where you can literally ruin a semester, bathroom and friendship simultaneously…we are talking about a sweaty-community-building-lovefest.

With a blanket of fog settling over the city, we kicked it back old school by breaking out 11…yes, 11 decks of cards.  We had 11 groups of 11-13 people flipping cards doing push-ups and sit-ups.  Two pieces of spice accompanied the workout.  An Ace was a long hug with a person whom you’ve never met.  Along with the hug, people also learned on another’s names and hometowns.  Pulling a Joker sent the team to a centrally located basket to pull a card.  Cards contained anything from: stair climbs, ledge jumps, wheel barrows, etc.

Our good friend Elle was kind enough to volunteer her time (and miss the workout) to shoot mugshots for the group.  People looked pretty damn fierce…this makes us feel like proud pageant parents.  Also, thank you to all who generously donated to our Boom Box Fund.  We are excited to have tunes going forward!

Beth passed the Hard Hat to fellow Lulu mafia member Sara.  Despite commuting outside the city for work, Sara is always at November Project workouts.  Moreover, Sara is a recruiting machine who has brought many fresh faces into the fold here at NP_PHL.  Congratulations Sara!

Friday we start our FRANKLIN FIELD FRIDAYS.  We will meet at 6:15 AM at the Fox Fitness Center entrance.  Again, we always train smart – so be sure to bring fluids!  Have a wonderful day and thank all of you for helping to build a better community here in Philadelphia.



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