Introducing Pádraig Ó Laoghaire: Newest Leader of NPSF

Pádraig Ó Laoghaire, translated in American-English to Paddy, is your newest co-leader of NPSF as Laura heads over to Ireland for 3 months to teach young children how to speak English. We figured that since one of the leaders was leaving for Ireland, the only logical decision was to replace her with an Irish lad. Enter Pádraig Ó Laoghaire.



Most of you know Paddy because he is one of the first people to introduce himself to the newbies each workout. Or maybe you have caught a glimpse of his bright blue eyes and thought “I wonder what his story is.” (Right, Jean-Michel?) Or maybe you overheard him telling a story in his thick Irish brogue and wondered what language he was speaking in. No matter how you were originally introduced to Paddy, he is now co-leader of the SF tribe. The men will fearlessly lead this tribe to victory while Laura is getting fat on potatoes and drinking imported Budweiser. I do believe I have successfully included every Irish stereotype in this post and can sign off now.

*Sidenote: Paddy has made the request that you now only refer to him as “King”, “Chancellor” or “Knight”, do not look him straight in the eye, and bow before you speak to him.

Along with new leadership, NPSF has a NEW LOCATION. Starting the week of June 23rd, the official NP schedule will be as follows:




Monday’s will be a loud, high energy, all around workout with body weight exercises, running and games. Wednesday will also be a all around workout with a focus on stairs. Friday are hills. NEXT WEEK WE ARE IN ALAMO SQUARE FOR THE LAST TIME! Let’s make some noise and make a scene.

This morning we synchronize danced our way through the Huffman and attacked a group of French tourists for the best group photo we have had in months. The positivity award was given to the Grand Canyon Rescue Squad who drove around the rim2rim runners all weekend and supplied us with endless laughter. Love to you all and see you Friday: Coit Tower. Meet at the top parking lot. 6:23 AM.



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