Dear N & A (YEG)

Dear Nadim & Andrew,

I hope that your travels landed you safely and comfortably at your destinations.

Nadim, I trust that you sold Edmonton and represented our city fabulously in Amsterdam. Did you recruit anyone to NP Canada? How was NP Amsterdam? Looking forward to seeing you sporting that new XXX tag!

Andrew, how is India? Looks like you were over you bag allowance, glad Air Canada was accommodating. I’m excited to hear about your adventures with Hayley Wickenheiser to meet India’s first female ice hockey team with Hayley Wickenheiser.

The tribe and I survived this week without you two. Monday we ventured to Quesnell Bridge – ran some stairs, did some sprints, and body weight exercises (aka pushups, situps, burpees etc). On Wednesday the mercury dropped and we found ourselves high fiving Constable Ezio after each stair repeat on a badge worthy morning. And today…today was amazing. You both know that I always brag about how fierce our tribe is and today they proved it once again. It was cold – so very cold today, so very cold that the CTV crew who showed up to interview Ken and ultimately many of our weatherproof tribies, sat in their van and watched us go by until they needed to come out to get footage. Their camera even froze! You’d also never believe how many badges were earned today!! We even had newbies and two kids rewarded with them today! I totally underestimated how many I’d need when I reloaded my stash last night, everyone except Tom and Christine’s dog received theirs. Will need to put more in my bag for next time. Think we’ll have a next time this year?? Anyway, I’m pretty sure the CTV reporter thought we were crazy…I love it!

The tribe made their way up and down Walterdale in dedicated fashion and listened well when time was called. I remembered to keep my phone in my car so it wouldn’t freeze and I was able to take the group shot. Steven was held hostage by his garage door so we have an amateur group picture today. We had one birthday, she didn’t follow birthday protocol and went a little off script but I let her run with it. It was too cold to stop her plus she was just to darn into it. I made the announcements, even kept them short. Monday we are going to #justshowup at the Connor’s Hill footbridge at 6AM.

Looking forward to having you back next week Nadim…Andrew, see you when we see you 😉

Until next time…SMILE! J

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