Know Your Tribe — Care-Oh-Lynn McCrone

Today’s KYT comes to you from none other than Carolyn (pronounced Care-oh-lynn, like the City of Sin–not Care-oh-LINE like the Sweet Fenway Song) McCrone. If you know Carolyn you know she’s a take-no-shit kinda gal who attends pretty much every workout*, and kicks ass multiple days/week. She doesn’t like to lose at anything, especially to her adult-sized-child of a boyfriend, Daniel Rothenberg. Today though, she’s a winner, because we’re getting to know her and all her awesomeness…

*Carolyn wasn’t there this morning, so consider this a hybrid KYT/WMY post. Daniel also wasn’t there this morning, so technically she didn’t lose to Daniel this round…

Name: Carolyn McCrone

Alias/Nickname: Purp (copyright C Payne, for his use only)

Date of First Workout: Feb 21, 2014

Why’d you Just Show Up? Needed motivation to run

Bostonian or Transplant? Born in Buffalo, raised near Philly, but called MA home for the last 9 years

Tribes Visited: Philly, DC, San Diego, Minneapolis, Chicago

Tribe Crush: Is this a trap? Am I supposed to put Daniel Rothenberg here?

Favorite NP Day of the Week: Wednesday

Favorite Recurring Workout: Stadium PR day

Least Favorite Recurring Workout: Sebastians

Favorite NP Workout EVER: kayaking August 2014

Anyone inspire you at NP that you haven’t told yet (now’s the time…don’t make it weird)? Maya Fe Holzhauer. Duh.

Why do you keep showing up? To see my friends

What do you do for a living? I work for a flute company and teach private flute lessons

When you were a child, what did you “want to do when you grow up?” Be a teacher

What is your superpower? Purple power

What’s a question that we didn’t ask that we should’ve? “Who’s funnier – Chris Payne or Brittany Flaherty?”

Monday’s location will be Pleasure Bay where we’ll be running the #ML6K. We will have both a 530 and 630 crew. Make sure you show up on time and bring your watch!!!

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