Creative mornings (Ottawa)

This was a creative morning, one where all tribe members participated in coming up with the workout. Music playing, disco lights shining, we started the Parliament Hill light show early. We saw some shall we call… interesting… movements, many movements that challenged our bodies to move hard for 31 minutes. 

With technology being such a big part of our lives, children are not getting the opportunity to play, imagine, make up games, play in the snow, come up with activities to be entertained. We as adults are also caught up in the world of social media, instant gratification and getting affirmation from “likes” and immediate email and text responses. What we get to do for a short time every week on Wednesday mornings, is to get outside, look each other in the eye, have a warm human interaction in person, give a sincere hug, roll around in the snow and play. Today we challenged our imaginations and you impressed us with your creativity. 

Although it may look like we make things up on the spot, we typically have a purpose behind the things we have you do. What we appreciate is that you all take it on with such an amazing attitude, you go hard, you push each other and you make us better.  You challenge us to come up with new workouts, new movements and always keep us on our toes. So thank you. Thank you for your ideas, your energy, your time and for sharing your morning with us.

Here’s to bringing “soles” together, 

Liz and Lauren 


  1. See details for Snowglobe  (Jan 17-20, 2019) All are welcome to attend 
  2. Next week: Parliament Hill 
  3. Read a blog from another city and share your thoughts with a friend or another tribe member 
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